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Extra fine noodles in rich flavorful pork bone soup. You can also ask for an extra helping of noodles.

They feature the pork bone broth which is milky-white to straight extra-fine noodles, and is thick, but seasoning and a hue, the ingredient materials vary by a shop and a district. Being able to appoint there being "the substitute" that I change only noodles, and it is possible to be almost common and the hardness of noodles. The ingredient materials have many simple shops, and there are many shops only such as a leek and an only roasted pork fillet or a leek. The ramen of Fukuoka-shi is classified roughly into hakata ramen and Nagahama ramen, but in late years the clear difference seems to decrease. A place called "according to stand" is in around Tenjin and Nakasu, Nagahama, and there favorite one finding one is fun.

Local gourmet
FukuokaHakata, Dazaifu, Nada, Genkai
Whole year

The Shop which Local introduces!

Horse horse cold fountain shop[ramen]
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  • Subway Gion Station seven minutes
  • 050-5797-8334
  • Review1
The one-like temple daimyo head office [ramen]
  • Image photograph of the one-like temple daimyo head office
  • Subway Tenjin Station 8-minute walk
  • 092-771-0880
  • Review0

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