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  • Amateur pix to Kyoto ramen
  • Amateur pix to Kyoto ramen
  • Amateur pix to Kyoto ramen

Heavy ramen zone outstanding in the whole country

When the ramen of the Kyoto was light from the image of the Kyoto dish, I am apt to image it, but, in fact, become the outstanding heavy ramen zone in the whole country. Generally, the Kyoto ramen is distributed between three of the next. The 動物系清湯-based soy sauce ramen which assumes 1, "new fortune Chinese restaurant" and "first Asahi" (1953 founding) a representative. "The new fortune Chinese restaurant" where I set up the store in 1944 when I have begun to pull a stand in 1938 is a pioneer. High soup of the density to add vegetables to 2, "best specimen in existence" (1971 founding), the chicken which assumes "pat existence" (1974 founding) a representative or a pig bass. "The best specimen in existence" presents a chain in the whole country; muddy soup of the Kyoto in the national constituency. Backfat is sprinkled on the chicken-based soup which assumes founding, "ますたに" a representative in 3, 1947. I include the above.

Local gourmet
Kyoto / Nijo Castle, Kyotogyoen, Ryoanji temple, Kinkakuji temple, Kitaoji, Arashiyama, Katsura, Uzumasa, Kiyomizu, Gion, Ginkakuji temple, Toba, Fushimi, Yamashina, Uji, Minamiyamashiro, Kameoka, Tamba, Fukuchiyama, Amanohashidate, Tango Peninsula
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The Shop which Local introduces!

Brewing sake from the finest rice ramen Kubota [ramen]
  • Image photograph of brewing sake from the finest rice ramen Kubota
  • An 8-minute walk from Karasuma Line Article 5 (managed by Kyoto-shi) station eighth mouth managed by Kyoto-shi
  • 075-351-3805
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Kyoto ramen research institute [ramen, noodles dish and others]
  • Image photograph of the Kyoto ramen research institute
  • JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit seven minutes
  • 050-5788-1523
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Chinese noodles of the new fortune Chinese restaurant

A contributor: Tetsuo SuyamaShinagawa Ward, Meguro Ward, Ota Ward / Tokyo

As it is a resident of the Tokyo, I cannot ask frequently, but one of the Shop not to be able to take off is the new fortune Chinese restaurant head office when I go to Kyoto. When I arrived in near one from Kyoto Station before noon, I order Chinese noodles (the small) and fried rice. The soy sauce-based soup of the dark color is refreshed than it looks and I boil a person and burn it, and nine articles leeks are correct in this soup extremely well. A type favorite in inside large の straight noodles はつるっとしてやや 固. When stay near Kyoto Station; of course is らーしちゃいます in the morning.

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  • 2014/09/24
Amateur pix to Kyoto ramen

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