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It is classic as a simple snack in Chichibu. A feeling and spicy and sweet miso anyone overjoyed are delicious

When an interval and slight change of mind of the farming called "small lunch" (こぢゅうはん) were not crowded, in the Chichibu, Saitama district, there are some local cooking to eat;, as for "the miso potato,"; is one. I touch wheat flour to the clothes which I dissolved and fry it in oil nicely, and salty-sweet miso hangs whom in the Potato which how to make cuts it to a mouthful size and boiled. The clothes which I did fast and Potato cooked to a T are correct with miso anyone well. I was known as the basic light meal which played an active part when I put it to the snacks to snacks, but the popularity improved it nationwide here because I was chosen as B-grade gourmet of the Saitama.

Local gourmet
SaitamaChichibu, Nagatoro
Whole year

The Shop which Local introduces!

Closing a deal soba Musashi-ya [soba]
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  • Chichibu rail line Chichibu Station 5-minute walk
  • 0494-23-1818
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The Chichibu tea shop restaurant four season[Japanese food and others]
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  • It is immediate from Chichibu Railway Chichibu Station
  • 0494-21-3388
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