Kagoshima ramen Kagoshima ramen

The local taste that a per person ramen shop was recognized in Kagoshima of Kyushu one

  • Kagoshima ramen
  • Kagoshima ramen

Local ramen of the Kagoshima which is said to be it if there is the most number of ramen shops per a population of one in Kyushu "Kagoshima ramen". The mellow taste that made much of dashi with the half cloudiness soup that a chicken Gullah, vegetables, dried small sardines, the kombu used the pork bones for a bass. There are the thick noodles which attracted a flow of the Okinawa, the vermicelli which came from Taiwanese rice vermicelli and two styles, but noodles have characteristic that it is all softer and does it and starts it. As various things are put on the topping by a shop, I want to try it out and to find one cup of the Favorite.


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