Sapporo ramen

Sapporo Ramen

Butter and corn and just affinity. Tasteful miso ramen

  • Sapporo Ramen
  • Sapporo Ramen
  • Sapporo Ramen

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With "Sapporo Ramen", it is Local ramen of the Sapporo-shi origin. When ramen with the thick soup which I boiled to bring out the flavor from pork bones made with a stand after the war is the source, I am said to be it. It was soy sauce taste at first, but devises miso ramen by having been said "to want you to put ramen in the pork miso soup" from a visitor in the shop with the city. It became the reputation, and shops of the miso ramen gradually increased. I often float it on the surface of the soup with butter to prevent it from cooling down in cold environment of the Hokkaido, and there are many shops which a topping does Hokkaido corn made specially in it and picks up on a menu as "corn butter ramen".