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Domestic wheat "breathes of the wheat";, in the を center, is predecessors in the family line: I am manufactured from a handicraft of Noboru Kawahara (only in the copy store) and produce noodles based on the original combination.
Please enjoy the very thick noodles, average noodles, lineup that you are full of the variations including extra-fine noodles.

It is the delicious soup which let taste condense by the manufacturing method of the hakata ramen which the soup cooks only the hind leg of the pig in the broad-brimmed cooking pot for rice with the casting of iron more than 14 hours, and is called "resuscitating".

I use the Ingredients which you can have by the visitor including pork and fishery products selected carefully safely.
You are particular about handcrafting one by one, and please appreciate the roasted pork fillets which you spend time and cooked.

FukuokaHakata, Dazaifu, Nada, Genkai
〒810-0004 1-8-26, Watanabedori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
■Business hours
: (from 11:30 to 02:30 (L.O.02:00) on from Monday to Thursday, Sundays and holidays for from 11:30 to 02:00 before (L.O.01:30) Friday and Saturday, Houri)
■Regular holiday
Without holiday
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