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Oh, I light it, and what do I hate with the pork bones? I wanted you to enjoy pro-fishery products which did not see resemblance so far taste, fragrance and held Shop daringly near the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market by its laying in stock of a fresh fish in the ARA of the fish in fusion (for short "あらとん") every day of the pork bone broth, and boiling it to bring out the flavor with pork bone broth. The kind of the fish changes by the stocking of the day, and it talks about the storekeeper to bring taste a change when there is the fun only in the market. I wait by all means.

HokkaidoSapporo, Jozankei, Ishikari
〒060-0010 21-15-4, Kita-10-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Sapporo over-the-counter market dining room tenement house
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Oh, light it; about pork bones あらとん / Shop

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